Digital meetings are here to stay. What doesn’t have to stay is the amount of prep time you need to check your background and leave a positive, lasting impression. Prepping for a virtual call usually entails checking lighting, your background clutter, and how you look on camera. But what if your background could do more for you? What if it could improve your personal or business brand?

Most video meeting platforms have an option to put a picture behind you instead of your actual background. This can help you confidently jump onto a call only having to check your hair before officially joining by video. But this is also a good opportunity to work on your personal brand or even your business. 

Virtual backgrounds provide an opportunity to add color or a picture to your background. Being aware of how big you are on camera, you can strategically place a logo or even a QR code in one of the corners of your background. 

For a public figure, branding of name and public office is key to keep in the background. What could go in the QR spot? You can direct them to your website so callers can learn more about you. You can even link it to a fundraising platform so they can donate to your cause right on the cause!

As a business,you can advertise your store, social media platforms, or website. You can even advertise all three! With platforms like Linktree, you can set up a free landing page to direct users to check out multiple places. Below is a basic example. 

What if you’re not a business, how could this help? The QR code could point to your personal CV website or LinkedIn. Feel free to be creative in how you want to present yourself in your next virtual call. 

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Setting up background on Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams

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