Media Magic Public & Government Relations has been in business for thirty years, serving the needs of cities and counties, schools and fire districts, the business community, developers, candidates and elected public officials. Based in the historic City of St. Charles, near St. Louis, Media Magic has worked with clients in a number of states.

Approximately half of our business is helping candidates for public office and ballot issues. The other half is comprised of commercial clients and local governments for whom we provide a wide range of services, including research projects, community visioning, place-making studies, tourism marketing, and economic enhancement.

Over the years our firm has worked for over two-hundred candidates and officeholders, from Congressmen and statewide candidates to State Senators, State Representatives and municipal candidates in communities from 3,000 to 300,000.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you realize your passion by effectively knowing and communicating with your audience.  We are here to help you  achieve your goal in whatever you want to do. If unsure about a plan of action, we can advise and help you plan your future.

Helping Communities


Rory Riddler, Principal Consultant and Founder of Media Magic

Rory Riddler, the principal consultant and founder of of Media Magic, has worked with numerous communities on projects over the years including the City of St. Louis, Florissant, Overland, St. Ann, Cool Valley, Dellwood, Lakeland, Vinita Park, St. Peters and others. He has advised hundreds of candidates and office holders. In addition he has worked on studies related to economic development in Warrenton and Jefferson County as well as consulting for numerous commercial clients.


Groundbreaking of New Town in St. Charles

Rory Riddler’s experience also includes having served on the City Council of the City of St. Charles for 27 years, serving as Council President for seven years, on the Tourism Commission for nine years, the Convention Center Commission, Public Works Committee, Community Center Committee and Central Business District among others. One project of which he is very proud was helping to secure the building and initial start-up funding for the 60,000 square foot Foundry Arts & Culture Center. He also championed having several public works of art commissioned to enhance the community, including those pictured below.

Rory also has a deep love of history and has researched and authored several historic papers and books. Most recently The Bitter Divide: A Civil War History of St. Charles available at the St. Charles County Historical Society, Frenchtown Heritage Museum, Missouri’s First State Capitol, and Amazon. His latest commission is for a book on the Colonial History of St. Charles entitled For King, Cross & Country. Rory was also a regular columnist for a local newspaper for several years, publishing a weekly opinion column called, The City Desk.

Our Staff

39faae1 Rory Riddler
Founder and President

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14446152_10154186686064807_2053905502321697536_n Kat Riddler
Social Media Director and Content Creator

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Freelance Photographer

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